The (Typical) American Angel

on November 29, 2017 | in Uncategorized

Thanks to the reports, we have a good idea of the typical impact investor, so far for Angels, families, and fund managers.  Back in the “traditional” startup investing arena, there wasn’t good knowledge of the typical Angel investor until just now.  Thanks to the Angel Capital Association (ACA) we now know the typical American Angel is:

  • 78% male
  • 88% white
  • Average age: 48
  • Standard check: $25,000
  • Most live in CA or in and around NYC
  • The men don’t care about gender
  • The men don’t care about impact

None of this should be surprising to anyone.  It matches the stereotype.  And except for the age, it matches the typical investee too, proving that investors do really invest in people like themselves.

The full report can be found at


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