The problem in scaling impact investing is threefold:

Impact investors are spread around the world, investing all around the globe. This makes it incredibly difficult for those seeking funding to find these investors. It also means that investors tend not to know each other. If they do, they tend only to meet once or twice per year at impact investing events.

Impact investors have specific areas of interests, thus even when there are two dozen investors in a single room, the chance of them liking any one investment is rare. The UN has organized 17 distinct sustainability goals, but #1, No Poverty includes everything from the poorest billion people to affordable housing in New York City.

Meanwhile, in reality, most impact investments come from investors talking to other investors, not from companies pitching investors. The problem isn’t a lack of dealflow, nor a lack of crowd. The problem is efficiently matching the right deal to the right investor, one investor to another. Or more simply… the problem isn’t dealflow but investorflow.

The solution is investorflow.org, an online network where impact investors can hear about deals that fit their particular interests, vetted by fellow investors. All the deals are posted by investors seeking co-investors, not by entrepreneurs or fund managers.

If you are an investor and would like to sign up, contact us below. If you are an entrepreneur or fund manager, have your lead investor contact us below.
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Investorflow.org launched in January 2017, and every day since we’ve been signing up individuals, families, foundations, funds, investing groups, and more440 total so far.

Individuals seeking investments that match their areas of interest, target geographies, stage and ticket size. A bit more than half of the total members.

Foundations and impact investing funds, seeking relevant dealflow and co-investors. Not quite half of investorflow.org members.

Investing groups, investment banks, the UN Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, and Engineers Without Borders comprise the rest, making investorflow.org a network of networks.


We don’t expect investors to come to this website. Investors are busy, so we communicate primarily through email. As part of the sign up process, we ask how often you want to hear from us, and aim to keep to that schedule: daily, weekly, or monthly.

Our goal is to make emails as relevant as possible. Deals only get sent to investors with a matching sector, geography, stage, and ticket size. And, again, only at the desired frequency.

All deals come from fellow investors, not from entrepreneurs or fund managers. This approach ensures that someone not only likes the investment opportunity, but likes it enough to make the effort to share it across the network.


Who are these self identified “impact investors?” Where do they live? Where do they invest? What are their investment interests?
Our latest report attempts to answer those questions, based on the profiles of the investors in the investorflow.org network.



Thank you to Social Venture Circle for partnering with investorflow.org to help increase the flow of impact investing.