A busy day

on April 26, 2017 | in investorflow

Impact investors are picky. They each have specific sectors, geographies, stages, and scale that have to match their interests, in addition to the standard needs of liking the team, the plan, and the opportunity.

Case in point: today we circulated a total of eight deals shared by lead investors. In total they matched 43 of the 140 investor/group profiles on our network (“group,” as some of our profiles represent foundations, family offices and whole investor groups).

The two new deals bring the total deals on our platform to 12. These come from companies on five continents: Africa (4), South America (3), USA (2), India (2) and Europe (1).

The current deals represent a wide range of company stages: prototype (2), initial revenues (3), growing revenues (4), scaling the business (2) and expansion (1). Likewise, they are raising a variety of different amounts, with five seeking $1 million or more, and four with rounds of $200,000 or less.

When lead investors post deals for sharing, we match them on the back end with only those investors for whom the deal is a fit. If you only care about deals in Africa, or those involving renewable energy, or those in growth-stage companies raising more than $2 million, then you will only receive emails about these deals. Perhaps most important, we are already seeing investors responding to deals by expressing interest or asking questions of the lead investor.

Several more deals are lining up in the queue, and we expect the pace to increase in the weeks ahead as we continue to onboard more individual and institutional investors.

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