Seattle, WA, USA; Lima, Peru
All sectors

Fledge is the conscious company accelerator, an intense program of entrepreneurial education and mentorship, guiding entrepreneurs through the complex path from idea to revenues and profits, and a rare instance of a for-profit accelerator and seed-stage venture fund investing in each and every one of its invitees.

Graduates span the globe, with fledglings located in 20 countries.

The companies include BURN Manufacturing in Nairobi, Kenya; Evrnu, Shift Labs, and Distributed Energy Management in Seattle, Washington, USA; AYNI and Houskipp in Lima, Peru; East Africa Fruit and African Chicken near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,  Seeder in China, Obamastove in Ethiopia, Cropital in the Philippines, Agua Piedra Mezcal in Mexico, and many many more.

Internally, Fledge is a family of funds, each targeting a specific sector stage, and/or geography.

1-7 holds the investments in the first seven sessions of the accelerator

Accelerator, the investments in the 2017-2019 accelerator sessions.

US/Canada , LatAm, and Africa a mix of accelerator and follow-on investments in those specific regions.

Food/Ag, Cleantech, Women a mix of accelerator and follow-on investments in those specific regions.

Aviary is an unthemed seed fund investing the best-of graduates across all sectors and geographies.

Africa Eats makes growth-stage traditional and revenue-base loans to African companies that help feed Africa.

Fledge Series LLC is an evergreen fund that accepts new investors at any time, allowing those investors to allocate their investments into any of these funds, or to define a new fund specific to the preferred tastes of the investor.

More details at fledge.co and luni@fledge.co.

Fledge is an investor on investorflow.org, a network of impact investors

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