Author: Matt Eldridge

  • Networks Partner to Catalyze Impact Investing in Africa

    Networks Partner to Catalyze Impact Investing in Africa

    Leading investor networks join forces to connect investors and increase financing of African enterprises that create positive social and environmental impact. Nairobi, Kenya / Seattle, USA – Africa offers arguably the highest potential impact investment opportunities globally and is poised for strong economic growth. However, this can only happen if these opportunities are strategically matched with…

  • Ziweto Enterprise closes acquisition

    Ziweto Enterprise closes acquisition

    Thanks to interest by investors and others, this Malawian venture raised $112K+ to acquire competitor Alfa Medics and extend its impactful livestock veterinary supply chain nationally, increase revenues seven-fold, and generate profits to grow the company sustainably using retained earnings. Full story.

  • Harder to find a co-investor than a mate?

    Harder to find a co-investor than a mate?

    There’s no shortage of quality investment opportunities for impact investors. But trying to find co-investors to fund a deal is far from easy. Not unlike philanthropists, their interests vary greatly. Much more than tech investors. And they live all over the world, not just in Silicon Valley. In an era when you can meet your future spouse using…

  • A busy day

    A busy day

    Impact investors are picky. They each have specific sectors, geographies, stages, and scale that have to match their interests, in addition to the standard needs of liking the team, the plan, and the opportunity. Case in point: today we circulated a total of eight deals shared by lead investors. In total they matched 43 of the 140…

  • Tomatoes, schools, vet supplies — oh my

    Tomatoes, schools, vet supplies — oh my

    What do Nigerian tomatoes, Indian private schools, and Malawi veterinary suppliers have in common? They represent three of the most recent impact investment deals (a.k.a. “flows”) shared by lead investors seeking like-minded investors via Tomato Jos, SEED Schools, and Ziweto Enterprise. They also underscore how impact investors are all around the world and have a wide range of investment preferences. Now that…

  • Watch out… they’re everywhere

    Watch out… they’re everywhere

    It’s day 77 since we launched, and we’ve been so busy signing up investors that we didn’t have a chance to look at where these investors live. As we passed the 100 sign-up milestone today, we pause to answer that question. They hail from no fewer than 20 countries and six continents (as no…