Test of mailing to be repurposed into Gmail

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Hi, [Investor],

[This is a lovely test note as if from Nancy to an investor, reaching out to let them know about a flow or two, and to offer to help connect them to another like-minded investor.]

[This is the poignant yet heartwarming body of the note.]

There are two deals that match your interests [I’m unsure whether to have a short bullet on each as follows, or to just list their names and point to full details below the signature. Thoughts?]:

  • Geossy — Ugandan fish farm raising $50K to scale operations and meet existing customer demand for sustainably raised and harvested tilapia. Lead = Luni Libes, who’s in for $10K. Total raised to date: $35K.
  • East Africa Fruits — Largest fruit and vegetable aggregator in Tanzania seeking $250K to expand refrigeration capacity in order to fulfill a growing pipeline of orders. Increasing income to smallholder farmers while eliminating supply chain gaps. Lead = Jim Davidson, who’s in for $50K. Total raised to date: $100K.

There are two investors whose interests closely match yours. Would you like us to help connect you to them?

  • Janine Firpo— [copy of Excerpt description and areas of shared interest?]
  • Fraser Black — [copy of Excerpt description and areas of shared interest?]

[Here’s Nancy’s witty closing that inspires the investor to take action and invite other impact investors to join.]

Best regards,

[Nancy’s signature]

[Nancy’s title]

[Here are a couple of flows, laid out beautifully and made to look as if they were automatically generated rather than compiled by a monkey behind the curtain.]

Evernu Recycles Cotton!

I came across this company at SOCAP. They have a technology that makes cotton recyclable. Levi’s announced a partnership in May. The announcement from Target is due this quarter. This is a breakthrough the world desperately needs.

I’m in for $100,000. Are you with me?

Below is Stacy Flynn, the CEO, telling the story; the pitch deck; 1-sheet; and term sheet. It’s a Series Seed, $750,000, $5 million pre, more than half committed.


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