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Sample Deal Post Email

This is an example of what your deal post would like like when shared via email with other like-minded impact investors.

East Africa Fruits Solves Logistics Gap in Produce Market!

Lead Investor: Janine Firpo

I met founder and CEO Elly Timotheo when he went through the Fledge accelerator in 2014. He’s got the ability and unique model to deliver a consistent quality and quantity of produce from smallholder farmers to markets across East Africa. I’ve visited his operations in Tanzania, and led a successful $50,000 loan that’s been fully repaid and attracted an additional $600,000 in grants and investments. The company is meeting a significant need among hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores targeting a middle-to-high income consumer, as these enterprises face high costs consistently sourcing quality produce from within the region.

Along with co-investor Tim Crosby, I’ve worked with Elly to construct the terms of a $200,000, three-tranche, fixed-interest loan at 9% per annum. The first $50,000 of this loan was provided in December 2016 through Africa Eats, one of the funds within Fledge Series LLC. Beyond Capital is considering a $50,000 investment to either cover the second tranche or participate in the third. Either way that leaves $100,000 for other investors to join in.

Africa Eats logo
Fledge logo

As Fledge founder Luni Libes put it, “I’m excited about East Africa Fruits because since graduating from Fledge4 in 2014, it’s not only helped smallholder farmers reduce spoilage significantly by getting produce to market, it’s grown to nearly $800,000 in revenues, on just $67,000 in outside investments.”

I led the first tranche, will you come join me in the second and third?

Below is Elly telling the story, the pitch deck, executive summary and most recent company update.

– Janine

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