500 Investors, and counting

The vision for investorflow.org is simple:

Step 1 – The future begins when an impact investor comes across an amazing mission-driven startup, affordable housing project, solar farm, poverty alleviation scheme, or a new fund or other pool of capital. Something sufficiently amazing that the investor not just commits to invest, but takes one other small extra action.

Step 2 – The investor posts the opportunity on investorflow.org, the free, online, global network of self-identified impact investors.

Step 3 –investorflow.org shares that opportunity with a portion of the network, often 10% to 20%, specifically those whose interests match the first investor. The rest of the network doesn’t have to filter out what they’d consider noise, the network does that for them.

Step 4 – Between the filtering and the scale of the network, a half dozen other investors join in with the first and within weeks the opportunity is fully funded.

In this ideal future, the investee needs only to find one lead investor and the others flow from there. In this ideal future, today’s experience of investees spending months of frustrating conversations searching for the right investors is eliminated.

Meanwhile, for the investors, the network grows into more of a social network, with an ability to follow other investors, see the deals they are seeing, and share learnings.

With that, beyond refining the previous analysis it is time to start focusing on hitting critical mass to fulfill the vision and power of the investorflow.org network.

Download the report to learn more about the investorflow.org network and the interests of its now 500 members.