We’ve lost count… already

Two months after launching investorflow.org, and we’ve already lost count of the number of investors in the network.

It’s not that we can’t count the number of sign-ups and investor profiles, that’s easy.  The problem is that a dozen of these profiles are for funds and foundations, and a few are for whole groups of investors.  So we’re already well past the era where it makes sense to talk about numbers of profiles.

As for groups, we welcome Engineers without Borders (Canada), The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, Gratitude Railroad, Small Giants, the Social Stock Exchange, and Transform Finance.

Funds include acceess2innovation, Adobe Capital, AgDevCo, Ascender, Beyond Capital, Community Ventures, D3Jubilee, FARM, Fledge, Global Partnerships, Hayden Capital, Impact Accelerator, Impact Engine, Impact First, Index-Asia, Mercy Corps, Northwest Social Venture Fund, Ryanna Capital, Satori Capital, SJF Ventures, Sorenson Impact Fund, SOW (Asia), Stiching renew, SWAN, The Kantian Group, Varshney Capital, Wireframe Capital, and Working Capital for Community Needs.

Over half of the profiles are groups and funds.  It will be interesting to see if that keeps up over the next two months.  It’s been nothing but interesting so far in seeing this network form, and despite the focus of this post on groups and funds, we welcome any and all individual impact investors along with foundations, funds, groups, and anyone else who can help connect the right funding to the right impact investments.