Watch out… they’re everywhere

on March 21, 2017 | in investorflow

It’s day 77 since we launched, and we’ve been so busy signing up investors that we didn’t have a chance to look at where these investors live. As we passed the 100 sign-up milestone today, we pause to answer that question.

They hail from no fewer than 20 countries and six continents (as no one has signed on yet from Antarctica, but we remain cautiously optimistic). Just over half are from the U.S., with 10% from Europe, then Africa at 7%, Canada at 5%, and others scattered across Hong Kong/China, India, Israel, Mexico, Peru and the Philippines.

What’s more, these investors represent a range of individuals and organizations. Just over one-third are individuals and another third are funds. The next largest category at about one in seven consists of family offices. Of the rest, roughly seven percent are foundations and there are a handful of wealth advisors.

Both these views are a bit misleading, as impact investor groups such as Toniic and Gratitude Railroad have each signed up under a single profile, and we’re not taking into account all 500+ investors that are reachable through the network of networks.  We’re in active conversations with a number of other impact investing groups around the world who have expressed interest or are testing the waters, and are eager to keep up this pace of sign-ups, heading toward 1,000 investors in the next few months.

GeekWire called us “online dating for socially conscious investors worldwide,” and we attribute that function for the amazing adoption rate.

This week, we are focused on circulating the second round of “flows” — deals posted by lead investors and which we share privately via email with other investors on our platform for whom these deals are a fit. Interested to learn more? Contact us or sign up here.


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