Tomatoes, schools, vet supplies — oh my

on March 29, 2017 | in investorflow

What do Nigerian tomatoes, Indian private schools, and Malawi veterinary suppliers have in common?

They represent three of the most recent impact investment deals (a.k.a. “flows”) shared by lead investors seeking like-minded investors via Tomato Jos, SEED Schools, and Ziweto Enterprise. They also underscore how impact investors are all around the world and have a wide range of investment preferences.

Now that more than 115 profiles have been set up on our platform, with an estimated reach to somewhere from 300 to 500 investors around the world, these new flows are getting global exposure. Broad distribution is important in impact investing because, as we mentioned in this recent Forbes article, impact investors are everywhere. There is no one Silicon Valley of impact, which makes it hard for a lead investor to find the right co-investors to complete a round.

What’s more, the fact that these early deals come from all across the globe coincides with how impact investors’ tastes vary greatly and many have a wide geographic lens. Of our investors’ non-exclusive location preferences, Africa tops the list at 29%, followed by Asia (21%), USA/Canada (20%), Latin America (18%) and global (12.9%).

Tomato Jos, SEED Schools, and Ziweto Enterprise also differ from each other in a number of ways, such as: they seek to address various U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, are at different stages of development (early revenues vs. scaling the business), are raising different amounts of funding ($112,000 vs. $2.1 million), and are pursuing different milestones (acquiring a competitor vs. expanding to 27 new sites).

Next up, we are focused on circulating the second round of flows — which include two South American deals. Interested to learn more? Contact us or sign up here.


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